Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ranger 620 Boat Wrap

Here is a series of images shot from a Ranger 620 boat and trailer wrap we completed today for a tournament walleye angler. The picture at top (green surface) is the original painted boat surface, the following images display our digitally printed 3M comply printed graphics during and after installation.

The graphics we designed here incorporated the clients request of a clean looking diamond plate theme along with the sponsors name boldly represented. Design-wise this was a fairly standard type of graphic. Having said that, this is a Ranger tournament series walleye fishing boat. Ranger's are tougher to wrap than most other fishing boats because the manufacture requires that the 3 Comanche stripes are incorporated into the boat wrap graphic. This gets extremely tricky if you do not know how to design these elements into a printable graphics. As you can see though the several hours of design & prep work produced some eye catching results.

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