Monday, March 29, 2010

Drum Head Follow up

Pictured here is the same drum head being worked on in the previous post only now it is installed on the drum and ready for action.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Business Identity - not just for the corporate world

Some of the business identity we produce here may not be consider "business" to some but for our clients it sure is.

Pictured here is a great example of a not so mainstream identity project yet a niche we have been known for in the music world- drum head logos. What you see here is a 24" clear bass drum head. We were contacted by it's owner and band member of: we became actors. With a big show coming up there was a need to get the band name noticed. Time was critical on this project. We developed a quick solid logo that would be easy to read yet fit the style of the band and drum kit. What you see here is the final product, a matte finished black vinyl, being applied to the drum head. The whole project took about 48 hours from logo design to final application and just in time for last nights gig.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just what is Business Identity anyway?

Providing business identity is really the foundation of our business. Most people think that Identity is just coming up with a good logo. Though that is a key component, it is not the only aspect of a company's identity.

I will Use Paula • Elert Photography as an example of what Business Identity entails through Big Idea.

Paula contacted us in need of some business identity for her new Photography business. After some one-on-one consulting we outlined a plan to approach what she felt was an overwhelming task. We started first with creating her image - A logo. The logo, pictured here, displays an elegant professionalism along with a bit of Paula's colorful personality. With a solid logo we were off to a great start. next on the agenda is putting this logo to good use, getting it in front of potential clients. We have developed a business card, envelope & letterhead layout as well as the beginnings of her website for starters.

It doesn't stop here. We have plans to create some vehicle graphics that will add to her visual presence 24/7/365. We also have plans ready for postcard mailers and a brochure. When the time is right and Paula takes part in trade events we will move forward with our booth design complete with back drop banner, easel signs and large format prints of her work.

As you can see, business identity is not really just about a logo, it is a process of creating and producing your professional image in a way that will create curiosity and intrigue in the eye of potential clients. Sometimes it is a logo other times it might be a simple directional sign, office directory or maybe even a product lable. Whatever it may be you can bet we have a Big idea ready to be seen.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Small Business Rewards

Most of our clients here at Big Idea are small businesses. Some of who have been at it for decades and some just starting out. What they all share in common, unlike Washington, is working with tight budgets and keeping expenses under control.

Pictured here is a store front of Forte Drums. The guys at forte are just opening up shop. They came to us in need of some exterior sign face replacement - one of our specialties. Since these guys are handy with tools and ladders they were willing to do a bit of work to help keep the sign project within their budget. They decided to supply their own sign grade polycarbonate sign face and install it themselves, something we had no problem with. What we provided was some design consulting, translucent vinyl lettering and on-sight vinyl application.

After getting to forte, and moving some of their hand made drums, our installer laid the sign face right there on the floor and carefully worked around the shops inventory. Upon completion of the vinyl application and packing up the truck, our installer turned to snap this shot...the guys at Forte Drum had their sign up and working in no time.

By the way this sign came in at less than 50% off the original estimated project cost. This was done simply by being creative and having a Big Idea.

As you can see the end result turned out great!