Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trade Show Banners - The simple solution.

Do you have plans to represent your company at a #tradeshowexhibit this winter?  If so, do you have your display in order?  If not, you have several low cost solutions available that can be extremely effective in gaining increased exposure, the most popular of which is a #backdropbanner.

The most important aspect of a trade show booth is getting your business noticed.  many trade show booths have a good start at this.  We all have seen them, big, colorful, lots of cool graphics, lights, and even 3D props.  These can all be effective, but they must be used properly otherwise the most important message is lost - your company name. 

Too often trade show marketing company's fail to keep the focus on the business, rather the focus on the frills.  Keeping a company's name as the main focal point is first on our agenda.  You can have all the bells and whistle you want in your booth, but all promotional attempts are lost if the customer can't easily identify your company and what you do. Stay focused on you!

So, here is what we do - provide clarity on your company name first.  This is often done with some sort of backdrop banner, raised flag banner,  or show headers.  Sometimes it is really simple, like the #banner shown here, other times it can be pretty elaborate, it is all dependent on needs and budget. 

Once we have your company's identity taken care of, we provide simply clarity on the who, what, where. This part usual is a combination of a tag line, bullet points and product samples and props.  The key here is making sure there is balance between name recognition and your visual props and samples.

Banners and signs are only one portion of many options for your next trade show exhibit.  They do however provide a great way to have your company name displayed boldly for all to see.  Click here for more info on banners from Big Idea.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Product Photography at Big Idea

One of the more creative things we provide here at Big Idea coincides with most of our product development projects - product photography.  The subject matter we have photographed is really diverse.  We have shot everything from chemotherapy treatment devices to fishing lures, all of which is photographed by Big Idea employees.

Pictured here is one of several image in a series of merchandise items for local brewery, Bank Brewing Co.  To help keep the tone of the product and the brand it represents, we decided our "set" needed to be afield.

This particular shoot was produced entirely on location on the prairie country of South Dakota, tricky stuff if you are familiar with SD weather.  Though the image portrays a nice warm hunting feel as planned, the temperature was a crisp 20f with bone chilling 25mph winds.  Our tough-guy model was quick to put the gloves and fleece beanie on after this series. The up side is he was able to shoot at plenty of Roosters!

Photo of the week

Up on the Roof
©Big Idea - Davin Brandt

Monday, December 5, 2011

An evening in Rice Park
copyright ©BigIdea