Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Banners that workout!

Here is a shot of a banner that works for two.

With the never ending need to watch spending, a business owner and building owner combined their efforts to cover up a sore spot, advertise a summer special, and market some available office space.

The old Boulevard Theater recently had a need to remove some prior tenant signage. This signage involved back lit channel lettering that had been place on the marquee face. removing these will most likely leave a real eye sore to the surface. Our goal hear was not only to provide an effective advertisements and marketing solution but to also cover up some unsightly sign wounds.

After determining what the individuals needed to display we put our heads together and came up with the clever solution to combine the two messages into one banner. The trick though was not to confuse people into thinking that Anytime fitness was leasing space. This might alarm people into thinking Anytime was going away.

As you can see from the picture we came up with a simple solution involving two contrasting color fields, giving the illusion that there are two separate banners on the marquee. Combining these two message on one banner not only saved on print cost it also saved on the installation time and expense.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sand blasted signs

With more an more people turning to digitally produced signage these days it is no surprise that the uniqueness factor of this technology may soon start to fade.

One such sign process is still going strong and has not lost its classic and elegant look. Pictured here is a sand-blasted sign we recently produced. Notice how nice it looks compared to a steel sign with red text and outline. This not only is a very effective sign but it looks good with the landscaped architecture as well.

We have all see our share of vehicle wraps, full color parade banners, and large banner murals at stadiums. Though there is a place for the digital, there is also a place for the sand-blasted look.

Sand-blasted, or sometimes referred to as routered signs, fit several identity needs.

• First - they flat out will out-live a digitally printed sign. the paint with fade in time, as does the finish on your car, but the sign can easily be repainted. Digital cannot.

• Second - the cedar, redwood or foam we use is ideal for exterior use - all weather.

• Third - We call it elegant dimension. It is the only sign type that can give you a natural single or double sided dimensional sign. With the raised or recessed letters and graphics, sand-blasted signs give you an eye catching effect that the standard 2D signs cannot.

We have all seen these signs around. Next time you see one take a close look at the detail and if you get a chance, ask the owner how effective it has been in presenting a positive identity. I bet you will be replied with a smile.