Monday, May 21, 2012

Event badges

Pictured here is a pile of #eventbadges  / cards / tags or whatever you wish to call them.... we like badges.  This fun project was just completed for the Long Island Bulldog Rescue organization out of New York.

The badges size up at 3" x 4" and are a full color (photographic quality) print on our tough 30mil white PVC.  The black lanyards are made of a nice woven nylon cord, super flexible and comfortable around your neck. What is great about these event badges is that they are affordable even at the small quantities often needed by event producers.

Note too that we offer a huge line of lanyards from the simple to the full color logo imprints and everything in between.  The cards are pretty standard in size, but others sizes are available with the option of printing on just one or both sides.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here is a neat video featuring one of our clients, Larson • King,  produced by KARE 11.

 This segment was featured on the KARE Sunrise morning show as part of the "Top of the Twin Cities" series. Though we were hoping to see a bit more of our photography work on the conference room walls,  you can see a few of them at the 4.05min mark.

A bit on the photos...

Larson • King  hired us to produce a truly unique creative photography project that involves customized images specific to each of their 8 conference rooms.  Each conference room is uniquely named after a street in St. Paul.  The images within each room have all been taken from interesting perspectives from the street in which they were named - I know, cool idea.  Not only did we take some pretty interesting shots, but the way they are being displayed are pretty interesting too, some framed, others not, and some being produce on large format canvas.

By far this one one of the most creative photo projects we have worked on to date.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek into the L•K Street book.  Yup, we are publishing a coffee table book of  the images on the walls as well of the several other images that did not make the cut for wall space, but are worthy of being displayed.  Oh, and one can be seen below in the previous post from May, 3rd.

On a side note, we also are the guys who produced and installed the 3D logo you see on the front of the KARE Sunrise studio desk.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative fine art photography - from Big Idea

The real niche that set Big Idea apart from other creative companies is our photography service... and yes, it is done In-House.

Pictured here is a custom photo (from an Iphone) we installed today.  Iphones do a pretty good job in low light by the way.  Anyway, This is part of a conceptual fine art work in progress that involves a very specific theme designed to decorate a corporate workspace.  Though the subject may seem average the unique perspectives, direction and style are creative and inspiring.

 Sure signs are a big part of what we do as it should be since it is a big part of a company's visual identity, but it shouldn't stop there.  This particular client took the time to listen, not only to the offer of adding refreshing accents to drab wall space, but to the value added idea of customizing there display art to help further convey their foundation, ideals and direction.

What you see is a black and white photo we shot, printed, matted, framed and installed, 1 of over 40  pieces in this collecton that beat out the thousands of runner ups. Yes we do it all. From project conceptualizing to final product, this is what makes Big Idea a truly creative company.