Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Window Lettering

Pictured here is a project we recently completed to an interior office space at the International Market Square Building, Downtown Minneapolis, MN.

This was a fun and challenging project for us. The client was looking to make a bold branding impact yet not get obnoxious. She also needed to have the colored vinyl to be able to let light and color pass through.

After working close with our client's designer we came up with what you see pictured here. We incorporated 3M translucent, opaque and the dusted crystal (etched looking) vinyls. The results turned out beautifully and have been well received. Look close at the left side windows and you will see the subtle "swan" produced in the dusted crystal vinyl - really cool and contemporary impression.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From concept to final product

Do you ever wonder what is involved in the process of getting a banner made?

Actually, it is quite simple. We typically meet with our client's via phone or in person, sometimes simply just my email. Upon reviewing the needs, including how the banner will be installed, we incorporate all the design elements into a proof - see sample proof above. A color proof is then emailed for approval, returned back with any revisions or an approval, then off to production.

Banner options today are not what they use to be. We have well over a dozen available fabrics alone. Most recently added to our line is our Eco-banner stock. Click here for more information on this cool product. We also have a relatively new direct full color process of printing our banners. This method of printing is illustrated in the above picture.