Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Retail Counter Wraps

Retailers have generally overlooked one of the key locations for marketing - the counter face.

Sure we have all seen the easel-backed signs and acrylic displays that accompany most retail checkout counters,  but what about the counter face?

Displayed in this picture are great examples of counter-face marketing pieces.  These graphic displays are at each checkout and are clearly visible to every customer that walks in the door.

The nuts and bolts behind this project are pretty basic.  We utilized an adhesive-backed 3M comply vinyl that has been digitally printed on a high resolution printer.  Upon printing, we applied a clear laminate to the printed image.  This added laminate not only helps in the installation process, but also acts as a protective coating, giving this marketing piece a few extra years of life if needed.

You are welcomed to visit our friends at Great Harvest Bread to get an up close view of this project.  Warning:  it smells pretty darn good in this bakery.