Monday, September 30, 2013

Large format wall murals

The digital world keep growing and growing.  The printers are improving performance and output quality.  New printable materials hit the market every year expanding display possibilities.  And, overall material and print longevity continue to amaze us.

The image pictured here was installed this past week at a recruiting location.  It covered 208" x 80" of wall space  The material used on this project was new for us.  It is an adhesive-backed,  fabric-based material that really has superb image quality.  The manufacture states that "it can be mounted to any surface and repositioned countless times while retaining its adhesion without leaving a residue."  After installing, we are not entirely convinced that it is repositional countless of times.  Nevertheless, it performed very well during installation. 

One great aspect of this material is that it has a natural matte finish.  Notice that there are no noticeable reflections from the ceiling-mounted fluorescent lights on the mural. Another key aspect is that the material removes well without leaving residue.  This is a huge value as it allows a business changeable large format marketing opportunities without the need of a frame system, or the hassle of repair/patching/painting the wall each time your marketing program is updated.

Sizing on this and other interior materials does not need to be this large either.  There is a max dimension on one side, the other dimension has yards and yards and yards available. With the ease of installation and promotional effectiveness, the smaller 22" x 28" & 24" x 36" "wall posters" are becoming a popular option. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

photo of the week

"The start of the end"
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