Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lightbox alternative

Sign cabinets like the one we have pictured here are seen nearly everywhere. These are most commonly constructed from some sort of metal into a sign cabinet and faced with any number of plastics, translucent vinyls or metals. They also come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and lighting effect.

Most of what we see out there are the light-box variety. This consists of an aluminum cabinet with fluorescent tubes set inside. The sign face is either a flat or a raised pan style acrylic plastic. This light-box style is ideal if you are looking to illuminate your sign during the dark hours of each day. If illumination is not important to you then we have the perfect solution.

Our friends at TCM were looking for a sign that would stand out and easily mount to the uneven surface of there building. They were not interested in having the sign illuminate at night so the aluminum pan sign was a perfect fit. Our pan signs consists of a heavier gage aluminum with a fabricated folds on all 4 sides creating a "pan". The folds vary from 1" to 2" and are reinforced for added durability and structural support. Installation with this type of sign is relatively simple too. With our basic hardware kit, the installation of this type of sign can be tackled by the average handyman.

The real bonus with aluminum pan style sign is the cost savings it brings our clients. In today's market who is not looking for a savings?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From pop bottles to banners - 100% recycled!

Banners made from 100% recycled pop bottles!
From post-consumer PET packaging to a premium recycled fiber, our Eco-banner material is truly a revolutionary product.

Hard to believe but it is true, our supplier has created a way to make a heck of a great banner material for interior or exterior use, here is how it is done. First, your recycled pop bottles are picked up at curbside and brought to a recycling facility. Here they are sorted by type and color then cleaned, crushed and chopped into tiny bits. These little plastic bits are then melted, liquefied, and extruded into the usable fibers which are woven into a fabric for use in our banners....and now tote bags too!

Some refer to this as a green product. We simply refer to it as an ingenious way of reusing someones trash. Check out our banner page for more info and sample photo. Feel free to contact us for more info about this great new product.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Signacade Signs

Signacade signs are becoming more and more popular these days.

Our staff started working with the signicade A frame signs back in the early '90's, when they were first introduced into the sign market. Actually, to set the record straight, the signacade was not introduced until the late '90's, it was the plasticade A frame that was first introduced. This was a great product but it did not have a full sign face. It was actually a barricade product that found a useful niche as a sign product as well.

Now days, you see the signacade at just about every retail outlet. Constructed of a virtually indestructible plastic, it has a built in handle and a ballasted reservoir, it even has the ability to be secured to a fixed object for anti-theft protection.

Here at Big Idea, we have years of experience working with signacades. Our staff has worked on hundreds of these and knows this product well. Do you have a message to display? Try a Signacade from Big Idea Signs today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Large format Banners

Banners are a big hit for quickly getting your message visible to your audience. For the size, they are not only economically attractive. they are extremely versatile. You can install them to just about any surface: wood block walls, light poles, chain link fences, you get the idea. Because the material is light weight, it also drops the installation difficulty factor by several notches,
keeping clients below budget.
Pictured here is a banner we completed last week. Looks are a bit deceiving on this picture. The banner is whopping 4' tall and 18' wide. We digitally printed this banner and installed directly to the wood surface of the building.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Photo of the Week

This was a shot taken while on a homestead documentation shoot . We were documenting the original buildings of a family farm, settled over a century ago. Wind, rain, hail, snow and dust are a wonderful medium on the "canvas" of prairie buildings.

We are looking forward to the gallery showing of this series later this year. Our owner promises he will share the date and location with us. IN the mean time, check back for a few more interesting shoots form this project.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Panface signs

Today was a day of installations.

We installed several signs and an 18' long banner for the new Terry Time Adventure Park. Pictured here is a 4' x 8' backlit Polycarbonate panface sign, and a colorful one too we might add!

Panface signs are great for displaying your message during the day and night. By using the proper translucent graphics, backlit signs can turn your average daytime display into a head-turning marketing magnet in the black of night. With the long light hours of June, we have yet to see this sign at night, but we are convinced this is a sign that will get Terry Time noticed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Photo of the week

"two tired"
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