Friday, April 12, 2013

Construction Photography

Sometimes even a drab, noisy, maybe even inconvenient construction site can look interesting, even appealing when photographed from a creative eye.

Pictured here is a shot of workers in Downtown St. Paul, MN.  The angle of the photo pictured here was instrumental in producing a picture that scoops up viewers.  Had our photographer shifted away from that painted wall in the background you would have lost a great deal of the color that brightens up this busy photograph.

The composition is also well done.  Most viewers are drawn to the foreground first when viewing a picture.  This image is no different.  Here it is the worker towards in the lower left of the image that draws the first eye.  With a natural left-to-right "read" your eye will follow the road from the foreground to background - right to left.  Eyes then move up and left following the dynamic color image, with a return to the beginning - the foreground.  The flow of a picture that keeps individuals "circling" through the photo several times, is a sign of an effective piece of work.

Construction photography encompasses a pretty wide array of subjects.  Pictured here is what we would call general road construction.  Other areas of construction photography include new real estate construction, community infrastructure, remodeling, site location surveys, even areal imagery.

Getting professional images of construction sites can be a great asset for documenting or marketing a project.  Not only does it help reflect a businesses professionalism, it really can make you and your site look good.