Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo of the week

Mississippi Reflections
©DavinBrandt - Big Idea

The uniqueness of this image is that it was shot on January, 10th  2012.  In Downtown Saint Paul, MN

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo of the week

"Busy Evening in Saint Paul"
©copyright - Big Idea

Monday, January 9, 2012

Display Signs - a neat trick for seamless displays

Have you ever had a need for a display sign that exceeds a substrate dimension?

Most sign sheet materials come in 8' or 10' lenghts. The exception of which is rolled lexan. When working with signs that need to be seamless, and over the 10' there are few options. Now, add in that the sign needs to be rigid and you just about ruled out all your senseable options. Sure lexan seams to be the first bet here, but it is not rigid and can bow or flex if not supported on all sides evenly.

Here is a solution we created for the project pictured here. First, produce a rigid sign base substrate. In this case we are using a dibond product.  It is super smooth, rigid, easy to fabricate, and lightweight. We then mount the dibond to the wall surface. In this case we used 3M VHB double sided tape - super strong.

Second, we produced our graphic image onto a vinyl film with a special over laminate designed to keep the vinyl rigid. This vinyl is then applied to the dibond surface. The laminate used is the key that holds this project together. Without the special laminate, you would be able to see the seam between the two dibond pieces. Using this special laminate makes our seam virtually invisible, giving us the illusion of a continuous sign header spanning over 16'!