Friday, February 18, 2011

Fishing For Knowledge has a new look!

Shown here is a logo we recently completed for Fishing for Knowledge, a group that was created by the Finlayson / Giese Sportsman's club and the Hinckley / Finlayson school district. Their goal is to share their love for the outdoors with others through education.

The folks at Fishing for Knowledge came to us looking for assistance with some of their identity issues. After a few discussions and review of their current program, we proposed a new strategy and direction for the group. The challenge for Fishing for Knowledge was trusting in us that our proposal of a new logo would improve their image. The identity we developed was based on creating a professional image that was bold, easy to reproduce over a wide range of print and electronic mediums, and visually appealing to both youth and adults.

We successfully accomplished the task.  The logo is currently in full use.  This simple design was very cost effective in producing vehicle graphics. The simple colors are breeze for screen printed and embroidered apparel.  The bold look allowed the groups banner to be easily identified from a great distance, and the clean look of the logo looks great on the various social media outlets available.