Monday, June 23, 2014

Interior signs

We just installed a recently completed, custom 4 layer, colored acrylic sign for a twin cites media company. Take a look, this creative project really turned out nice!

What really makes a sign like this pop out from other acrylic sign options is all the colored layers.  The sign started out with a custom shaped white acrylic base. from there it grew in elevation with 1/4" blue acrylic for the main name.  On top of that was a raised, two tier "peacock", the iconic symbol for NBC.

Getting everything to line up perfectly involved precision laser cutting each of the shapes and a steady hand with both liquid adhesive and acrylic placement. To finish this project off we decided to hang the sign using a stand-off puck hanging system. The raised puck mount hanging system not only creates interesting shadows on the wall which helps draw attention to the sign, but the puck fasteners add a nice touch of elegance too.

To quote the late Charles Mingus: "Making the simple awesomely simple, that is creativity."