Monday, April 20, 2009

Vehicle window perforation

Pictured here is an example of our window perforated vinyl. If you look real close, you will see the perforations. As you can also see, the face of this vinyl film is white, the back however is black. The combination of black, and the perforation, allow easy viewing from the inside of the vehicle. This is mostly impart due to the back-lit effect the graphic has from the inside. From the outside, at a distance of only several feet, the perforations blend in giving the illusion of a solid film.

Window perforations (sometimes called gerber vision) are most commonly seen on full vehicle wraps but are a great alternative to standard window decaling where vision is needed. The perforated films are also a great option for security. We have installed these films on several rear windows of service vans and trucks to help avoid the curious passerby interested in things that do not belong to him.

No matter how you slice it, widow perforated graphics are a great option for next vehicle window message. Take it from the guys at

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