Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mesh Banners

Are Wind-holes a thing of the past?

When a banner is displayed so that both sides are moving freely (free hanging), wind-holes have typically been used to help displace the wind load. Without the wind-holes to help relieve the stress at the hanging points, usually brass grommets, a banner can be subject to enormous wind loads, looking like a sail without a ship. When was the last time you noticed a sailboat anchored with it's sail up? Never. This is primarily due to the fact that the sail and/or its support mast would surely be damaged. Same is true with free hanging banners.

The whole concept behind wind-holes is that the added holes will let some of the wind pass through the banner thus relieving the amount of wind load tension the banner is forced to withstand. By relieving this tension the banner is more likely too "weather the storm" and survive to be viewed another day.

Today we still cut wind-holes in banners but only under specific situations. For the most part, our mesh banner material has replaced our standard 18oz. and 20oz. vinyl banner stock for free hanging banner situations. Our Mesh material is just that, a mesh vinyl coated banner stock. We print directly on the Mesh surface using long lasting inks. This Mesh banner material can also be hemmed in a variety of ways to fit just about every custom hanging situation.

Pictured here is an example of a mesh banner we recently produced. Notice how vibrant and legible the text an logo are with our digital printing.

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