Friday, June 18, 2010

Full print now available for Drum Heads!

Here is a shot of a recent printed Drum head we produced. No that is not a sticker.

What is unique about our printing method is our ability to print directly on the head itself. This is a tricky process due to the dimensional shape and the flexibility of the actual head material not to mention the cut-out and raised gasket.

Though the majority of the graphics we do for drum heads are still in vinyl, we are pleased we can provide cutting edge band logo reproduction without having the look of a decal. With our state of the art print process and a bag of print process tricks, we are proud to be the first that we know of to offer this reproduction process - a direct print to head process. What added bonus to this process is the translucent effect you also get. A cool option on a dark stage - only thing seen is the rear illuminated drum head.....

This process may not be for everyone but it sure adds a professional image second to no other. Whether you are looking for a simple logo or the full flood option, we are here to help you and your band get noticed!

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