Friday, September 10, 2010

Backlit Signage

Pictured here is a project in the works, somewhat of a before and after I guess you could call it.  To be more specific, I am referring to the white space on the lower half of the sign.  The top half is a project completed several years ago for a long time client, Greater Frogtown CDC.

What you are looking at in this picture is a translucent white pan style sign face that is secured in a cabinet frame.  What you do not see are the ballasts and fluorescent tube lighting that will illuminate this sign during the low light and evening hours.

Back in the day these graphics would have been either screen printed or painted on the sign surface.  Today, or I should say 6 years ago in the case of the graphics shown, we use a specialty translucent vinyl film to create the graphics and lettering.  Most of the films we use are made by 3M but there are a few other manufactures that produce a similar product.   As you can see from the photo, the colors are rich and vibrant.  In this case the colors are also spot on with logo color matching.

We are currently working with a new client that will be using the white space for their business logo.  We will help our client develop a layout that obviously fits the space but also displays their corporate identity in a clear easy to read format.  Stay tuned to see how we go about adding the new graphics to this sign.

If the current sign has you curious about what Greater Frogtown is all about you can find more on our client and their Gala in the Garden event on Sept. 16 in St. Paul, MN by clicking the links.

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