Monday, March 21, 2011

A truly biodegradable banner

Pictured here is an event banner that was produces for last weeks St Patrick's day celebration held in Downtown St. Paul, MN.  The banner was a whopping 20' long and prominently displayed on a Private party tent.

what is unique about this banner is not the size, or the vibrant printed colors, or even the discreet way it was hung.  what makes this banner unique is actually within it's environmentally friendly make up.

We call this banner materials our Bio13.  It  contains no toxic materials and more than 80% of the content of this material is derived from sources other than petroleum. 

What sets this material apart from other "Green" materials is that the BIO13 will decompose when properly disposed of in a well managed landfill. When exposed to the darkness, high heat and moisture of a landfill, this material attracts microbes that break down the PVC and turn it into dust. 

There are lots of banner options available these days.  If you are looking for a "greener" solution then our BIO13 is perfect for those projects requiring high print quality, durability and truly recyclable.

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