Monday, November 18, 2013

Event Photography

Event Photography is not just about weddings, even businesses should document their "big event" to showcase in a photo album. 

Documenting your corporate / non-profit event or party is a sure-fire way to not only market your business, raise awareness for annual events, and showcase your latest achievements, it is a great source for relationship building interaction between you and your past, present and future clients.

The image pictured here is one of over 36 finalist images submitted for a clients event portfolio.  The event was a wine | beer | mocktail tasting fundraiser.  Shooting the attendees having fun is a no brainer and should fill a good chunk of a completed portfolio, but it is equally important to document the actual event details. These details will vary from event to event, but a good photographer should be able to see the little things that will help show that your event was unique.

When your photographer submits a final event portfolio it should include enough pictures that would take an absentee event guest to a virtual event from start to finish. If by the end of a portfolio viewing one is left without a clear understanding of the event, it purpose, and the mood that was present, then it is time to hire a new photographer.

Consider hiring a photographer for your next event and start building a database of powerful marketing and relationship building pictures.

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