Friday, June 19, 2009

Signacade Signs

Signacade signs are becoming more and more popular these days.

Our staff started working with the signicade A frame signs back in the early '90's, when they were first introduced into the sign market. Actually, to set the record straight, the signacade was not introduced until the late '90's, it was the plasticade A frame that was first introduced. This was a great product but it did not have a full sign face. It was actually a barricade product that found a useful niche as a sign product as well.

Now days, you see the signacade at just about every retail outlet. Constructed of a virtually indestructible plastic, it has a built in handle and a ballasted reservoir, it even has the ability to be secured to a fixed object for anti-theft protection.

Here at Big Idea, we have years of experience working with signacades. Our staff has worked on hundreds of these and knows this product well. Do you have a message to display? Try a Signacade from Big Idea Signs today.

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