Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From pop bottles to banners - 100% recycled!

Banners made from 100% recycled pop bottles!
From post-consumer PET packaging to a premium recycled fiber, our Eco-banner material is truly a revolutionary product.

Hard to believe but it is true, our supplier has created a way to make a heck of a great banner material for interior or exterior use, here is how it is done. First, your recycled pop bottles are picked up at curbside and brought to a recycling facility. Here they are sorted by type and color then cleaned, crushed and chopped into tiny bits. These little plastic bits are then melted, liquefied, and extruded into the usable fibers which are woven into a fabric for use in our banners....and now tote bags too!

Some refer to this as a green product. We simply refer to it as an ingenious way of reusing someones trash. Check out our banner page for more info and sample photo. Feel free to contact us for more info about this great new product.

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