Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coroplast yard signs

Careful! Not all coroplast signs are created equal.

You have seen the coroplast (corex) sign product for years now. They have pretty much been the standard for political signs during the past several years. Though popular for political campaigns they are also quite extensively used in the building and contractors world.

From roofing and siding companies to yard services and window cleaners, it seems as though the coroplast sign are fast becoming the go too sign material of choice. What makes coroplast so popular is it's low cost, light-weight yet extremely rigid construction and it's outstanding weather resistant make up. What makes our corolast signs shine above the rest is in the product we use and print process.

Not all corolast is created equal. For instance, we use 3 different white coroplast sign boards, each has it's place in the sign world. When you contact Big Idea we will ask what you are using the signs for and what type of life your signs will need. Couple that information with the text, logos and colors on the sign and we will determine the best product and print process for your needs. All our signs are printed to last out in the harsh UV light...they won't fade in 30 days as some others will. In fact, most of our coroplast signs will last for years and years, wearing out before fading appears.

Next time you need yard signs consider coroplast. When calling around for estimates remember to make sure you are getting quotes, apples to apples. As with anything in life if it appears to be to good of deal, beware.

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