Friday, July 17, 2009

Window Lettering

Window letter can be a bonus or bust for your business.

Lettering a window or series of windows can be a great way to promote or identify your business. From the simple business hours to detailed graphics marketing your products, good window markings can be extremely effective.

The most important issue to address when thinking about window lettering is whether the graphics or lettering should be place on the front (first surface) or back (2nd surface) of the glass. Both options have there pro's and con's. We recommend consulting a sign professional to point out the options for your specific needs.

From our experience, there are too many situations we come across were poor advice or no advice was given. Did you know that most glass for exterior use has somewhat of a tinting to it and all glass has reflective qualities? Take a look at the picture shown. This is lightly tinted glass, not mirrored glass. Due to the lighting on the day the picture was take you can see the role ambient light plays on the reflective quality of the glass. Remember the glass is not mirrored. The lettering pictured was placed on the outside of the glass. The reason: readability. If the lettering was on the inside, the reflective nature of the glass and tint would "diffuse" the legibility of the lettering.

In a nut shell, most graphics and lettering designed for an exterior audience should be applied to the exterior surface of a window when possible. Feel free to contact us for more information. We have decades of experience with all sorts of window lettering and would be glad to assist you on your next project.

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