Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interior Business Signs

This is were Big Idea really has fun, working on interior business identity projects. Pictured here is a great example.

What you are looking at is a 3 dimensional logo that is displayed behind a reception desk at the St. Paul Convention and Visitors Bureau within the Xcel Energy arena.

A combination of materials were used to produce this eye catching effect. The SAINT PAUL portion utilizes an adhesive back vinyl. This is actual applied right to the finished wall surface. The rest of the logo uses a 1/2" plastic that we painted to match the logo specifications. These shapes were then carefully and methodically adhered to the finished wall. Note the interesting natural shadows that are casted with this type of sign.

This type of dimensional wall logo is an affordable way for businesses and organizations to get there brand or business name in front of people. Some key locations that we have installed these types of signs are: reception areas, clinics, conference rooms, elevator lobbies, restaurants, and retail space.

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