Friday, August 14, 2009

Wrap it up?

The picture here pretty much spells it out, but for those of you new to vehicle wraps, the graphics you see pictured are produced on a vinyl film. This is actually a white truck!

Wraps have really hit the market strong over the last 5 years as a means to offer a little extra eye catching effect on your vehicles. Now we have all seen wraps around town on buses and trucks and even the big semi trailers, but how about boats... You bet! Pictured here is a truck wrap for a professional walleye angler, Eric Olson. The matching 22' Ranger boat was busy on the water but you can find shots of the boat at:

When wrapping a vehicle there are several things you, the client, should be aware of prior to making your investment If you are shopping around for wraps, first, make sure you are having the graphics installed by an expert. Just like every ting else in life quality craftsmanship is Worth it in the long run. Trust yourself on this. 2nd, ask questions! What kind of material is used? What is the warranty if any? Will you be cutting graphics directly on my vehicle? what is the life expectancy? What If I need to replace a portion of the graphics? What is the back end cost to remove?

Though vehicle wraps are not suited for all businesses or graphic message, they sure do help if you are looking for that added identity edge. you can visit our website or contact us for more info.

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