Thursday, July 28, 2011

MDO - Still a great choice for signage

 Pictured here is a before shot of a clients exterior  main building sign.  What you don't see is that this business is right off a major highway - thousands of passersby everyday.  What you do see is a sign that is failing.  Not only is it much to small for the needed viewing distance, it is not clear what this business actual does or it's name.

Upon a few conversations with our client, creating a logo, generating layout concepts, and material selection, we finalized on what you see below.

Wow! It is pretty darn crystal clear what this business does now.  The new sign is not only easy to read, it cleans up the store front and emanates a professional quality that DK's hold true with their craftsmanship.

This 4' x 20' sign was produced using our MDO sign grade wood coupled with 3M pressure sensitive vinyl.  Many would have produced this using direct digital printing rather than vinyl.  Sure,  digital would look awesome today, but 4 years form now we would have an unhappy client returning wondering why his graphics faded.  Now, nothing is safe from the sun's UV rays, but the 3M vinyl, for this application, will give us the longevity our client is looking for.

Working through the design process is standard stuff in this industry.  It's the added forward thinking and secondary details that we get involved with on projects to ensure each client receives the right product for their needs. 

Transforming visions into brilliant identity. It's what we do.

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