Monday, July 25, 2011

Value Proposition, with value!

Hopefully your business has a #valueproposition in place.  If not, well, that is subject for another posting.  If so, displaying the proposition to your clients and visitors can be done several ways.

Our client was looking for something bold, clean and easy to read.  This was not only too be viewed by clients and visitors, but as a reminder to the employees... we had a Big Idea. What you see here is the result of some creative collaborating with our client to produce an eye catching wall display version of their Value Proposition.  The project would be displayed in a strategic location to accent wall space and present the proposition elegantly.

In producing this project we had to watch a tight budget and  yet create some display signage that was still full of some WOW.  What you see in this picture is the use of 3 different mediums: digital direct printing, CNC cut dimensional lettering and 3M matte white vinyl wall lettering.  The combination of these three mediums along with proper sizing not only adds some interesting depth to the project, it reduced the overall project cost in materials and installation time.

The client loved it so much they ordered two!

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