Friday, August 5, 2011

Dimensional wall logos

Pictured here is a 3 dimensional wall logo project we recently completed.  What is unique about this particular project is that we did not install this, our client did!

What you see here is our 1/2" thick PVC plastic.  The face has a 1/16" brushed aluminum laminated to the surface giving this project a really sharp look. Once the Aluminum is laminated to the PVC, we router out the image, clean up the edges, and prepare for installation. For this particular project we needed to prep the image for a simple as possible installation as this project was getting shipped 1800 miles to its final destination - Hollywood, Florida.

Thursday we received this picture and a note from the business owner saying, "it looks AMAZING".  Our client installed this project himself.  With some common sense, a bit of patience, and the aid of our installation template, he had this wall logo up well under an hour.  Having never installed anything like this before he said it actually went up rather easily. On top of that, he saved over $200.00 not having to hire a local installer to do the work for him!

We have produced many dimensional wall logos over the years.  They are a great way to enhance company branding as well as dress up an interior wall, conference room or reception area. The options are endless, from simple black our white plastics to a patina finished solid brass, and a boat load of options in between. 

Check out our website for more sample and material options.

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