Monday, August 1, 2011

Event Signs - More color for less...

Yes, it is possible - more color for less than you paid in the past!  How is this possible?  Technology is making the printing and sign world more economical.

Fifteen years ago or so, a sign similar to what you see pictured here would have cost approx. 3 times what is would today, and the imaging would not even come close to what today's technology can provide.

The sign pictured here was a quick-turn project for us that needed to be produced on a rigid material yet be lightweight, low cost, able to withstand rain, and above all have sharp, smooth color imaging.  Seems impossible that all this could actually be produced at one time.  This was right up our ally.  We have a material that we use especially for this type of application.

As you see in this image the sign stands nice and rigid and displays the fine print and color gradations brilliantly.  The secret here is in the sign substrate and our really awesome direct to substrate color printing.  No gluing laminated posters to fragile art boards or vinyl sticker applications to plastic sign boards.  This printing process that we use is clean, resilient and cuts out all those expensive old school steps.

With direct printing, the right substrate, and a creative thinker, troublesome event signage is a thing of the past... at least it is at Big Idea.

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