Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coroplast Yard Signs

Pictured here is a project we just finished up this morning - ready for delivery.What you see is a stack of digitally printed coroplast (corrugated plastic) signs.  The picture does not quite do the detail justice but the individual recycle items pictured printed superbly!

Note that when you get signs like this digitally printed, not all printers print with the same quality.  This is a prime example of you get what you pay for.  What you will often find is that some outfits will reduce the print quality in order to speed up the production line.  We don't.  If you want cheap and fast, expect a less quality graphic, and you have plenty of sources online to order direct.  We stick with printing that will maximize your image or message brilliantly.

Oh, and this project was not crazy in price either.  In fact it came in less than our close competition...  sure you can get them cheaper on line - buyer beware.

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