Thursday, September 22, 2011

Davin with Kent Hrbek Outdoors

With fall fishing on the minds of many of us here, we thought we would post this link we found of our owner, Davin Brandt.  He was the special guest guide on KHO a couple years ago as they fished steelhead on the North Shore of Minnesota's Lake Superior.

If  Davin is not in the shop or working on location with clients he is usually on a river or lake somewhere. This time of year you may also have to look to the fields of South Dakota.  Hey, has anyone seen him yet today? Oh, wait, his truck is still here, but then again it is only Thursday.

The link below should take you to one of the videos.  If you look hard enough (YouTube) you may also see his appearance on Cook What you Catch with Randy Meier.

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