Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are your business hours on your window?

Updating business hours is a snap when using custom cut vinyl lettering.  Did you know that we can provide lettering with the adhesive on the front or back of the lettering?  This is a big deal when you live in cold weather areas such as our great state of Minnesota. 

When the outside temps get below 40°f pressure sensitive vinyls can be tricky to apply, not to mention most manufacture quit standing behind their products under the sub 40°f mark at installation.  The problem is that the adhesive just does not get a good bond.

This effects window lettering a great deal in the winter time. To remedy this issue, we recommend installing lettering on the inside of windows, with a front adhesive, as oposed to installing on the outside of your glass door or window.  Most of the times this will work.  Where we run into issues is with strong window tinting.  If that is the case then we need to look at a few other tricks up our sleeves that can remedy the situation.

All-in-all store hours are are a simply solution to inform your customers 24/7/365 when you will be open, or not, for business.  Updating for seasonal hours is super simple too!

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