Monday, November 19, 2012

Ranger 620 boat wrap

Here is a great shot of our installer working on a ranger 620 for one of our professional Walleye angler clients this past week.

Boat like this get a bit tricky and are not your standard run of the mill wrap.  On this particular make and model, the manufacture requires that the built in Comanche stripping is illustrated on the wrap surface.  Given the strips and the angle of the boat hull, producing these stripes accurately requires some thinking.

Wrapping the Ranger 620 the right way involves getting a scaled computer template of the boat. The key is to get all those curves and shapes converted to 2 dimensional shapes. If you plan to try this, don't bother asking a manufacture for there proprietary designs.  The only way to really do this type of wrap right is to pattern it out yourself.

We won't bore you with the process of how we template out a boat like this.  Let's just say that after about 8-10 hours of work we finally have a pretty darn good system for wrapping a Ranger 620 - the right way.

Pictured below is a Ranger 620 wrap from a few years ago.  We did not do the wrap.  Our team only produced the design, a pretty cool one too!  The client was all of a sudden in a predicament and needed his wrap done ASAP and for a revised budget that we just could not compete with.  The client made a decision to have his boat wrapped ASAP at another shop.  As you can see from the picture, the wrap is starting to bubble.  These are only a few of the bubbles.  Not only were there more bubbles, but wrinkles, poor seams, and even graphic images that look one way on the port side and another on the starboard.

At the end of the season, the client decided to remove his wrap, to his horror he notice cut marks all across his boat.  Some cuts so deep they penetrated the gel-coating.  The boat required several thousands in  repairs to get  fixed. 

Sure he saved a few bucks and time on the front end, but as you can see it was not worth it.  We wrap boats the right way.  We are not the cheapest and don't feel we are the most expensive either.  What you get from Big Idea is what you pay for, a quality wrap.

If you follow Professional Walleye Fishing you will most likely have no problem spotting Mr Preissner and team (Quality Flow) on the water during the 2013 season.

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