Friday, November 9, 2012

Back on track

Well we have been a bit off on our Blog posts this fall but are now happy to say we are back on track.

Pictured here is a cool shot of one of our photographer's on location during a shoot this past week.  The assignment is for a fine art photography project we are working on.  Though much of our work centers around some sort of sign or printed products, it is always exciting to get out of the shop and venture afield on creative photo shoots.

Our photography projects vary a bit including fine art, product, and corporate portrait as the front runners.  Fine art  photography includes our commissioned work, some of our company retail & stock photo work and our photographer's personal stock work.

Our product photography is just that, projects of client products.  The images are usually used in web applications such as websites, social media, blogs, etc.  The images are also used in client brochures, literature and on promotional or display signage. The subject matter we have shot ranges from a beer bottle to aluminum siding and a bunch of other interesting stuff in between.

The corporate portrait aspect of our work encompasses all the angles used to help "show" a business or event. To better illustrate this kind of work it is almost easier to list the types of projects we have done.  Below is a list from this past year of some of the project we have been a part of:

1. A few Non-Profit fundraising and project events
2. Corporate party/event with over 800 attendees
3. Commissioned fine art conference room pictures
4. Corporate Holiday card
6. Musician shoot for CD cover
7. stock photo shoot for a brewery
8. ground breaking ceremony
9. trucking fleet documentation
10. Trial exhibit photos

As you can see, our photography services cut a pretty wide swath in the picture taking category.  This, along with our unique design, makes Big Idea a pretty well rounded creative choice. 

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